5 Prep Tips When Storing Your RV Between Adventure Seasons

Published on 2/16/2023

If you love camping, then you understand the allure of life on the road and how an RV gives you the freedom to explore. From scenic views of mountains and rivers to the peacefulness of a starry night, there's nothing like it! You can plan your own schedule, create unforgettable memories, and have the perfect excuse to disconnect from the daily grind.

However, when the camping season is over, you'll need to ensure your trusty RV is appropriately stored away until the next adventure. You cannot just park your RV in your backyard or an unsecured lot and expect it to stay in pristine condition. These spaces are often high-traffic areas that do not provide the necessary protection for your RV, so finding a secure and reliable RV storage facility is essential.

Choose the Premium Facility for RV Storage

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Some Great Tips to Protect Your RV During Storage:

  1. Clean the Interior and Exterior

You may wonder, "why would I need to clean my RV before storing it? I'm just going to leave it there anyway."

Cleaning your RV is essential as it will help protect against dust and debris, which can damage the interior and exterior of your RV and lead to mold and mildew buildup.

How to do it:

  • Start by vacuuming the interior and wiping down surfaces.

  • Next, wash the exterior of your RV with a gentle soap or car-washing solution.

  • Finally, use a brush and polishing cloth to remove dirt or grime.

  • Make sure to dry it thoroughly before putting it in storage.

If there's excessive dirt or grime, consider having your RV professionally cleaned to ensure all areas are properly sanitized. It will also help maintain its value over time.

  1. Check the Battery

Whether you're storing your RV for a short or long period, it's vital to check the battery, disconnect it, and keep it away from metal objects. This will help prevent corrosion and ensure it's ready for use when you're ready to hit the road again. It will also help avoid any potential safety hazards.

You should also store the battery in a cool, dry place. It's best to keep it in a location where the temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, check the electrolyte levels and top up the battery if necessary. Doing this will help keep it in good condition while it's not in use.

  1. Check the Tires

Storing your RV with low tire pressure can cause irreversible damage to the tires. To prevent this, verify the tire PSI is at the recommended levels for storage and fill them as needed. Use tire covers to minimize exposure to the sun and the potential fading or cracking of tires.

Make sure to thoroughly clean and remove any excess dirt or debris.

If you're not planning to drive the RV soon, it's also a good idea to put a protective coating on the tires to prevent asphalt from sticking to them while in storage. This will also help to prevent dry rot and keep them shiny and new.

  1. Drain all the Fluids

From the engine to the plumbing, it's crucial to drain all the fluids from your RV before storing it. It helps prevent corrosion and the buildup of bacteria in the plumbing.

Check your owner's manual for instructions on draining and filling the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. You should also drain the water heater and flush the tanks with a cleaning solution to prevent unwanted odors or bacteria buildup.

Besides that, seal all tanks and hoses tightly to keep out moisture and rodents. Taking these precautions will ensure that your RV is in good working order when you take it out for your next adventure.

  1. Cover Your RV

Invest in a quality RV cover to protect your investment from the outdoor elements. UV rays, blistering winds, and significant temperature changes can all damage the exterior of your vehicle. 

A cover can also protect your RV from noises and pests, keeping it in pristine condition while not in use. Additionally, a cover can make it easier to clean your RV after taking it out for a spin, as you won't have to worry about dirt and debris seeping in through its exterior.

Select a cover specific to the size and type of the RV you own. The material should be breathable to allow air to circulate, preventing mold and mildew from forming. It should also be water-resistant to keep your RV well-guarded against the elements yet still provide good ventilation.

Final Thoughts

Parking your RV in a secured, gated storage facility like 544 Boat & RV Storage will provide you with the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and secure while it’s not in use. Make sure you clean the interior and exterior of your RV before storing it to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible.

Moreover, check the battery, drain your RV of all fluids, properly inflate your tires, and cover the RV to protect it from the elements. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your RV is well-maintained and ready for your next adventure!